The Birkman Method


The Birkman Method


The Birkman Method psychometric test is designed to complement The Dream Career Planner course you are currently undertaking.


The Birkman Method test is made up of 3 parts:

(1) Your perception of most people,

(2) Your perception of yourself, and

(3) Your occupational Interests.

Since this assessment is all about you, your first, natural response to a question is the preferred one. There are no right or wrong answers to any question.

When taking the test arrange for a quiet, uninterrupted block of time (typically around 45 minutes).


Upon completion of your test...

... you will receive your own personalised report that highlights your skills and interests and potential career opportunities suited to you.

The Birkman Method test will help you validate your own skills and interests assessment of yourself and highlight career options that you may have not thought of.

You will then receive your report by email within 2 business days (Australian time).

Have fun! 


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