What Clients Say

"The videos were enjoyable to watch - full of great advice, tips, and insights. I was also impressed by her passion, dedication, and knowledge on the subject matter. I was so impressed, I engage her services to help me out.
Ruby not only transformed my very average looking CV and LinkedIn profile into something I am very proud of, she also provided one of the best cover letters I have ever seen. Thanks Ruby for all your efforts, hard work and professionalism – I was a joy to have worked with you. So, if you need a little guidance or major overhaul of your CV, LinkedIn profile or cover letter, I would highly recommend Ruby."
"Ruby was fantastic in her approach and communication ! She is friendly, easy to talk to and provided me with her personal guidance on how my resume could be improved to reflect my key strengths. Importantly, she was with the process all the way and her knowledge and experience was evident in the final output !
I was so impressed with her that I asked her to assist me with my resume, LinkedIn and cover letter and trust me, her cover letter is one that will catch a recruiter's eye. Certainly highly recommended and a big thank you to her!!!" Cheng, Finance
"It is with pleasure that I can recommend Ruby for her amazing facelift on my CV and creation of a cover letter.
It turns out applying for a role at your dream company is nerve-wracking, but right from our first conversation, Ruby made me feel at ease and confident with what I have to offer.
She really took the time to get to know me, read my rambling emails, and turn it all into something coherent and professional. Thank you Ruby!!" Carly, Behavioural Therapist 
"I can’t thank Ruby  enough for her help in writing my CV. I haven’t had to apply for jobs for almost 5 years so I was a little unsure as to where to start. I am so happy with the result and now feel confident back in the job market. It felt 1:1 and very personalised." Audrey, Creative Industry
"My experience with The Careers Emporium has been influential and motivating. Ruby inspires you with your inner belief that you can archieve more with your work, lifestyle and career. She creates a great possiblity that anything is achievable that if you put your mind into it. So if you need help to improve your resume Ruby does a great job to make it great."  Travis, Hospitality  


"I found Ruby to be so passionate about her work and I was intrigued with her approach that I just had to email her when I saw her website and LinkedIn profile. Ruby was so prompt and supportive during my consultation with her and I loved the outcome. Most importantly it's the openness and continuous support that I found to be a stand out. Thanks again Ruby, I would recommend you to everyone who may need that extra guidance especially in changing industries." Emillia, Banking Professional > NFP Sector

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