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Who actually enjoys writing their resume? 

When writing your resume, all the rules and the guidelines are enough to set you down the path of the "can't be f*ck's". 

There's enough out there about you online, via LinkedIn and through social media for employers to track you down and work out what you're really about. Very rarely am I stumped to find information on a candidate if I really wanted to dig around and as you know. As you know from my previous blog, I prefer a social profile to a resume

Bad news though. Resumes are still a thing. 

Hiring managers often treat resumes as must have, but usually for all the wrong reasons. It's being treated as a way to check for spelling, grammar and work tenure rather than looking beyond that for your true valuable skills.  And to make matters grim, the reality is most resumes are read in under 10 seconds. Not 10 minutes...10 seconds.

Side note, this week I read this article which is somewhat encouraging to the cause! Seems there's movement for junior roles and perhaps non-technical positions too. 

So why are we obsessing over resume design, word smithing and stuck for days on where to start? Here's a simple way to think about writing a resume full of impact and purpose...


Think about this, most traditional marketing campaigns involve a flyer of some kind. As a consumer, you may be handed this on the street, at events or at your local gym for example. The flyer is something you'd glance at briefly and you either choose to check out a little more or toss it in the bin.

How is the resume different? Well, it's not! 

My clients approach me to write amazing resumes, but the truth is the resumes I write aren't blockbuster productions. Yes, the resumes I write get interviews over and over again. The resumes I write get read and have the attention of the reader. I'm often told the resumes I write open doors to opportunities my clients would never dare to dream of. And do you know why that is? Lean's because the resumes I write nail the formula!

Let me share a little something about this formula to help you land that interview.


You need to start thinking of your resume as a way to sell you. How quickly do you dismiss the crappy marketing flyer because of how impersonal they are or perhaps how irrelevant they seem? Job seekers can learn a hell of a lot from marketing mavens, successful brands and even solopreneurs. Don't kid yourself for one second. You need to sell yourself damn it!

Shift your mindset. Every time you apply for a job, you're actually launching your own marketing campaign. If you start thinking from this perspective, you're already 10 steps ahead of the game. You're putting your own personal brand out there. You're testing your market and they are testing you.  

Think about this also, marketing campaigns these days are returning to simple, effective messaging - so why aren't our resumes too? Think of Uber and Apple - simplicity is everything. Their beautifully written messages are crafted so effectively where less is truly more. 

So, with simplicity in mind the crux of every resume should address these areas:

  • How to contact you
  • Your passion and purpose (your bio)
  • Who you've been employed by and what you did there
  • What some of your big achievements are
  • What you've studied 
  • What you enjoy doing outside of work stuff
  • Who's going to vouch for you

Keep referring back to these points and write in a conversational style (1st person, not 3rd) then you've got yourself a pretty sweet resume. 


One of the most commonly asked questions I get is, "how do I keep my 10+ year career to 3 pages?" 

Easy. I'll tell you how... ready? 

Deep link your resume like it's 2017 baby!

What do I mean by deep link? You can add links throughout your resume by highlighting on a word in your resume and hitting the 'command K' on the Mac or 'Alt K' on a PC. Here are some basic links that you should be adding to your resume today:

  • Your LinkedIn Account. This is a no brainer - tips here!
  • Your Website to show off a portfolio of work or blogs that you may have written
  • Your social media sites. Keep this one to your more public profiles like twitter or instagram. Facebook or Snapchat might be better left to when you're good mates with your team 
  • If you're techy, link your GitHub account or Open Source links
  • If you've been in the media or interviewed for a podcast,  link articles that have featured you or perhaps articles that you've written

So link away, it'll give you more room to play with on your resume and open up new discovery paths for your reader. It makes your resume so much more engaging and helps capture your audience for all the right reasons.


How does all of this sound? Have you picked up a few tips and tricks shared in this blog today? Well, this is just the very tip of the iceberg. I have SO MUCH more knowledge and insider tips to share with you my friend. I'm so excited to be launching this and helping you find clarity in the resume formula I use for all of my clients. 

I thought it was about time I launch a course aimed to help you in writing your resume. I created this course to help those of you are (a) on a budget, (b) are short on time, and  (c) who want to write their own resume but unsure where to start. 

THE 13 MINUTE RESUME is a tactical course to help you write a simple and effective resume in just 13 minutes. You'll learn the formula I use for all of my client resumes to land them interviews and dream jobs.

This resume course will take you through the exact framework I use when creating a resume from scratch. We'll write yours together from the ground up in just 13 minutes. You'll have me right there talking you through a step-by-step guide on what you need to do to write a resume even if you have no idea where to start! 

THE 13 MINUTE RESUME also includes examples all the way through the tutorial to make sure you can clearly see the way in which I've written example bios and sections. 

I've also created a workbook to help you answer the hard questions, keep you on track with step by step exercises and templates too! 

Watch this short video and I'm looking forward to seeing you on the inside. 

If you'd like to know more about this course or to check out my other courses, click here



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