There's a notion that finding happiness in your career is about quitting your current crappy sitch and move swiftly into a new scene with new people. That should fix everything right? It should magically solve all of your problems? Sadly almost all career seekers end up hopping out of one car, only to jump on a bus that's on the same bumpy road. Different group of passengers, new driver, a slightly different journey BUT it all becomes a little same, same... 

Now, I will preclude this blog by saying that if you're moving to learn, remove yourself from a toxic team environment, challenge yourself and actively pursue opportunities to help you grow, go for it! I'm all for career movement. And if you're worried about having too much movement on your resume don't worry. I spoke about messy careers here with Adam from The Subtle Disruptors podcast. What I'll be focusing on today is moving jobs with your wellbeing and happiness in mind. So let's get stuck into it! 

How does career wellbeing link to happiness? 

I created the 7 Day Challenge for career wellbeing to help me reset and refocus my own mind because I was feeling a little unsettled about my own career this past week. Don't get me wrong - I'm loving life, loving what I get to do for a living everyday. This unsettled feeling wasn't so much about career satisfaction, but more about focusing on what opportunities I should and shouldn't take. 

There's been some big things coming my way in the last few months and career wise, some of those options would have propelled me in very different directions. Each day I found myself battling ideas and ways to get around these (I wanted to pursue them all!). Conversations with my hubby were consumed with 'what ifs' and 'should I's'. I was exhausted mentally! For those of you who know Sagittarians, we can be extremely excitable souls and we can find it difficult to say 'no' to collaboration opportunities that come our way. 

My business coach and I have been focusing on my uncanny ability to get distracted ;) I knew he would be the perfect match for me when he told me in our first hour together that I need to focus. Since then I've made a conscious decision to keep on track. It does sound a lot easier that it reads! So herein lies the idea of a 7 DAY CHALLENGE. I put this together to firstly test the theory. 7 days to keep focused, find discipline and concentrate on themes to help me find clarity in my career. Does this sound like just what the career coach ordered?  Well, here it is! 

Sign up for the challenge here if you're seeking focus, a little discipline and clarity of mind. 



Since being through the 7 days I've learnt that discipline is not my middle name. Between day 1-3, it was pretty dang hard for me to focus in a 10 minute meditation session, I made excuses to skip a morning of yoga or my run and thought, well I can always start again tomorrow. I pushed through, and I'll be here now to push you through with daily motivational emails, check ins and accountability. 

Post day 3, I started to realise the benefits of the mindfulness sessions. I was actually looking for an excuse to spend 10 mins in my own head and block out the noise from the day. I found I was keeping to my promise of 10 mins of active movement a day and journaled to daily themes. Decisions were a lot easier to make, and I found myself actually saying 'no' to opportunities that didn't align with my focus. 

Career distractions can come in a few forms and elevates emotionally as anxiety, fear, happiness or frustrations. Fear for example is actually a hero in disguise - it can help you realise why you're scared, and help you propel into a new careersphere or stop you from getting to your dreams. 

So if you're ready for 7 days of career wellness and ready for some focus on what makes you happy, here's what we'll be working through together:

  • Day 1: Be a Blank Canvas 
  • Day 2: Gratefulness
  • Day 3: Dreamy Outcomes 
  • Day 4: Mind Blockers
  • Day 5: Fears
  • Day 6: Happiness 
  • Day 7: New Beginnings 

I've prepared a journal/ workbook too ready for you once you sign in. It's the same journal and questions I used to help me focus and capture thoughts from the day. 

Watch this video here - a capture of my final day of the 7 day challenge: 

To sign up for the 7 day career challenge and join in with the 100's who already have, click here to start today. I've also created a private Facebook group here where we can share our journey together as a career focused community. See you on the inside- I cannot wait!



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