We've all been here before. Heading to work with that nagging feeling in your gut that the job you're heading to just isn't right.

I read an article this week referencing that 60% of us are unhappy with our jobs. This is exactly why I started my coaching business so that I could help you out. I also filmed a video version of this here.


Are you feeling stuck, bored, frustrated and crabby when you get home from work? This week I had lunch with a girlfriend of mine who announced that it's all too late for her. 15 years in the banking industry meant it was time to throw in the career change towel and suck up the life she chose. The thing about this is that it's complete bollocks! You can start a career change at any time of your life.

At 34, Andrea Bocelli left his career as a successful Defence Attorney to become one of the worlds most loved classical singers. At 40 Vera Wang hung up her figure skating skates to become one of the fashion industry's most hailed icons. At age 24, I left my career as an Accountant to become a Recruiter and today I run a successful coaching business that I love! 

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At the heart of it all you're on the search for happiness. You're finding yourself to be unhappy with your tasks, your manager, the industry you're in... I wish as career coach I could wave the magic wand and make your dream career come true, but it doesn't work that way. The search for the perfect job or the perfect career for you often starts with Y.O.U. 

Let's explore this further...


If I asked you this, 'what are your 3 core values?' could you answer it? 

Your values are the lifeblood that make up your happiness. Exploring your values will lead you to identify what makes you tick and what drives your passion. Ultimately, the key essential things that make you feel fulfilled and happy. 

Values link to the way we make decisions in life. From a career perspective it'll help you think critically about the jobs we accept, that next promotion, the career we want to carve out for ourselves, the things we hold dear like family or flexibility.

If you don't know what your values are, never fear! I've put together a super easy and quick worksheet in the Free Resources Library to help you work it out. Download the Values Worksheet right here. This should take less than 5 minutes and it'll change your life. It's designed to help you have a much clearer perspective on how you tick and why you make the decisions at you do.  


Here's a little show and tell... my top values are:

  1. FUN

Now years ago, prior to my life in the career biz, you could find me working in a windowless room filled with archive boxes housing 7 years of receipts. I was drowning in my own sorrow each day. How did I end up here? I'd take bathroom breaks to have a little cry sometimes. I hated going to work and the thought of another day in that tiny room was driving me crazy. On the walls around the office were proud company values boasting:

  5. FOCUS

Needless to say, my employer and I were simply not a match.  Here's what I mean... 

FUN made it easily into my top 5 values. Fun to me means I'm able to share a bad joke or two with my peers and managers - this was a huge no, no at my Firm. Being such a conservative and professional environment, having an inside joke with your peers and managers was perceived as unprofessional and was frowned upon. I felt caged and inauthentic. 


So once you have written down values, think about how they link to your current role, industry and people you work with. Are you seeing alignment and are there any clear misalignments? When you find misalignment of values, what you've actually found is the answer to why you're feeling unhappy. READ THAT LAST SENTENCE AGAIN. PAUSE. REFLECT.

The misalignment of values can often lead to feeling a loss of control in your career. Perhaps you're feeling unsettled and feel you are faking your way through a career that you don't really like. 


Before you start work on your resume think about how you can address this with your team or manager. If it's truly a systemic issue then it potentially is time to explore new industries, new roles, new locations that now align to your values. 

So go ahead and start the exercise here. It may give you one of the ah-ha moments you need to help you gain clarity to #ownyourcareer. 

Then if you want to take your career to the next level, check out my online courses where you will learn what your potential dream jobs  are with an action plan to get you on your dream career path. 

I'll leave you with this. Finding your values and discovering more about yourself and aligning it to where you want to work will help you find more direction in your career. 

If you're more into videos, and would like to watch this instead check out my video here.


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Her corporate background in accounting, HR and recruitment led her to starting her first side-hustle, a career coaching business called The Careers Emporium

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Running two businesses whilst working as Head Of Recruitment at a software company built her the reputation as the Side-Hustle Empress. This is when Ruby turned her side-hustles into her main hustles, and started rubylee.co, a business dedicated to empowering side-hustlers.

Ruby is an experienced speaker, facilitator and blogger and believes that everyone should have a career portfolio with multiple income streams, whether that be through multiple employers, side-hustles or both.

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