Are you going for a step up? Are you going for a promotion? Perhaps you're going for your next career move and unsure of how to prepare for it or what to look out for? Well, step right up! This blog's for you. 

There's a few nuggets of wisdom that I'd like to share with you today and best of all there's a HUGE secret weapon waiting for you to help you nail that next interview. Seriously, this is going to be your game changer. So let's just jump right into it. 


Too many times I've witnessed internal candidates come into an interview room completely under prepared simply because it's an internal role. I want you to understand how very important it is to still prep the way you would an external position. It's actually not too uncommon for larger businesses to interview internal and external candidates in parallel so make sure you're just as shiny (if not shinier) as they are! So what do I mean by this?  

  • Make sure you have a cover letter written - one that's conversational but full of purpose. 
  • Ensure you have a rockin' resume  - don't think you won't need one. Use this as an opportunity to highlight past experience outside of your current employer too! 
  • Practice your interviewing style and get some great examples that relate to the way you work. Think of some big wins you'd like to highlight or the tough challenges you've faced that could be useful for those behavioural questions. 


You know that little old saying 'knowledge is power', well it's time to knowledge the *beep* up! So here's some practical examples of what you could/ should be doing effective NOW:

  • Take time to get to know the new team. You could invite the crew out for a coffee, ask to sit in on meetings, get interested in the work and the vision for your future team, join in on projects that may need your expertise. Now if you did all of this overnight, well that could be a bit weird but perhaps you can start to work on 1 or 2 of these that'll help you research, network and grow your knowledge of the team. 
  • Search the intranet for any articles or information - you never know what you'll find, even if it's from years ago! 
  • Google some of the projects that the team have been a part of, you may be surprised to find some more information on what big things have happened. 
  • Perhaps ask around to see how others perceive you to help you understand your personal brand a little better. 


Why would you care about who's in the race with you? I know, I know. Well this isn't so much to make you feel worried but it's amazing what a little competitive spirit can do to oneself. I want to encourage you to know who's in contention with you but to keep your eye on the prize. The reason why I'm highlighting this is so it lights a little passion and fire in your belly. Sometimes that's all you need to go the extra mile! 

Alight, alright, alright.. so this is where I want you paying attention. 

This is the secret weapon to give you all the INSPIRATION and DIRECTION you need for a promotion. It's going to bring you clarity, confidence and success to secure your career promotion. Ready?


Hello, 100 Day plan! Some of you may be well aware of it's benefits and how empowering it is. For those of you who haven't heard of this before that's completely fine. I didn't either for a time and when I came across it, it changed up my game in a big way. 

The 100 Day plan is a way to look at the role from the perspective of already being in it. You'll be forced to think about your goals, your actions and how it links back to the overall strategy all within a timeframe of, you guessed it.... 100 days. 

This is a way of saying to your new manager, hey - this is what you're going to get in the next 100 days if you pick me and this is all the value you're going to see in 3 months time. Do you know how powerful this is? Because you're taking the time to prepare in this way you'll feel so much more confident when you're being asked about how you see this role fitting in with your career path. You'll be able to find clarity in your answers and a confidence that will help you stand out from the rest of the candidate pool. 

I remember recruiting for my team recently. I had 4 amazing candidates to choose from and the one differentiator for me as a hiring manager was when I was presented with a 100 day plan. This candidate walked me through their intentions for the role, set goals AND even shared some ideas which demonstrated innovation, creativity and fun new ways of doing things. I was SOLD. I hired them and never looked back! 


As part of this whole mission and journey I'd love to share with you my very own 100 Day plan. Click here on this link to access it now. It is going to challenge your thought and the lens in which you are looking at a particular role. It's designed to take you out of your comfort zone and stretch your thinking. What it may also do is highlight some gaps in knowledge you have about the team. This is perfect. 

To help fill that gap in knowledge, do a little bit more research and networking to help you find the answers you need to feel a little more comfortable with your presentation! 

Be sure to take the plan with you to the interview. Don't just send it prior to interview. You want to have the opportunity to present it to a captured audience - even if it is for 5 minutes! Make sure you print out extra copies for the interviewers to take away with them. There's something powerful about having a hand printed copy when it comes to the 100 Day plan. After the interview, write a little note to say 'thanks' and attach the soft copy of the plan.

This is going to leave THE best impression and will set you apart from the pack. 

So there it is - my secrets exposed, but I'm sure shared with some incredibly deserving candidates out there! Do share your experiences with me, ask of me anything you will that's career related. Perhaps you're going for a career promotion right this very moment and you're stuck on something... ah, never fear for I am never too far away from my trusty MacBook. Leave a comment below and if you want a few other bits of insight on this watch the video posted below. 

All the best in your promotion superstar! Looking forward to hearing of your successes. 


Ruby thrives on helping people achieve a career filled with passion and purpose.

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Running two businesses whilst working as Head Of Recruitment at a software company built her the reputation as the Side-Hustle Empress. This is when Ruby turned her side-hustles into her main hustles, and started rubylee.co, a business dedicated to empowering side-hustlers.

Ruby is an experienced speaker, facilitator and blogger and believes that everyone should have a career portfolio with multiple income streams, whether that be through multiple employers, side-hustles or both.

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