I'm ruby

Together, let's #ownyourcareer


I'm here to help you get ultra clear about where you're at in your career, define what you (really!) want, and take actionable steps to get there.


If you're here because...

  • You're not sure your current career path is for you
  • You can't face another week of the same old 9-5 in your current job
  • You feel unfulfilled in your career and S-T-U-C-K
  • You feel 'uninspored' (uninspired + bored)
  • You feel lost in your career and aren't sure that just getting a new job will fix that
  • You feel scared to follow what you really want to be doing

Or maybe you've found your calling but you...

  • Have no idea where to start looking for jobs
  • Have no idea how to stand out to your dream employer
  • Can't stand the look of your current resume and cover letter
  • Have a LinkedIn account but you're not quite sure how to really use it
  • You deserve a promotion or pay raise but aren't sure how to get it
  • You know you need a 'personal brand' but don't know how to go about it
  • Are finally ready to make a big career move but you need a little direction and clarity to get you there

... don't worry, you're in the right place!


Hi, I'm Ruby!

After spending more than 10 years in recruitment for large corporates working with Graduates to CEO's, I realised just how many people need help with defining their career path and taking action on it.  The reality is that unless you know a recruiter, it can be almost impossible to get authentic, honest and objective career advice.


For those I met who had worked out their ‘true calling’ in life, so many struggled to nail their job applications, even at top executive level. Resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles just weren't cutting it. I saw a clear need to help people unmask the haze around figuring out their career goals and applying for their dream jobs.

From this, The Careers Emporium was born. A resource hub and global support community dedicated to helping you own your career, and start loving Mondays instead of dreading them. Here, you’ll get insider tips and guidance on what really happens behind the veil and how to draw the attention of any recruiter and hiring manager.

Whether you’re considering a major career change, just need a little boost to get that promotion or pay rise, or you need help to put a job-winning resume together - I'm here to help.


Picture this:

  • You’re ultra clear on what you want your career path to look like, and know what you need to do to keep it on course
  • You’ve landed your dream job at a business you completely believe in and that believes in you.
  • You’re earning what you’re worth and are recognised for your work
  • You have the flexibility, autonomy and recognition you’ve been looking for
  • You feel completely inspired and confident in your career and job


Guess what?
It’s not some sort of shiny mirage that’s unattainable, it’s real, and I’ll show you how.